Month: March 2018

Cool Summer Beverages

Summer Hacks for Cool Beverages – Quick tips for the perfect sip. Summer parties, concerts, BBQs and potlucks are in full force – so are the temperatures. So why not get creative with your drinks to keep you cool and refreshed? Chill out this summer with our twist of taste selections.

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Memphis on the Move

Tell us a little about your family. My family is one of the main reasons I decided to move back to Memphis. We’re a rambunctious bunch that supports each other in all ways. I have three brothers, and we are all absurdly different from one another. It certainly makes for memorable family vacations and lively group dinners. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Where did you graduate from college and what is your major? I graduated from the University of Maryland with a double degree in English and Jewish Studies. Tell us about your new position at Temple...

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