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Founded by Susan C. Nieman in September 2006 as Jewish Living of the South magazine, Jewish Scene Magazine changed its name and focus in October 2007. We stepped out of the Memphis and Mid-South area and into the national Jewish Scene to connect Jewish communities through jewishscenemagazine.com.

With every issue, more than 25,000 print and 23,000 online readers (and growing) learn about interesting people, places and Jewish events throughout the United States and Israel. Jewish Scene Magazine is my passion. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting all the pieces together. As you browse www.jewishscenemagazine.com, please give us some feedback, engage in comments and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And please keep those story ideas flowing.

In January 2021, Jewish Living of the South, Inc. acquired Memphis’ 95-year-old weekly Jewish newspaper, The Hebrew Watchman. Click on its tab and the top to read past issue.

Reprint permission is required to post or reprint anything in print or web that is published in Jewish Scene Magazine, jewishscenemagazine.com, The Hebrew Watchman and TheHebrewWatchman.com.


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