Photos provided by Lynn Eisenstatt

Take a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Shih Tzu mama and Poodle father and you get Ace! The smart and cuddly Cava Tzu Poo is quite the bundle of joy. His hoomans, Lynn and Jerry Eisenstatt, absolutely adore him.

Lynn had a black Cocker Spaniel when she was born named Ace. Since the new dog reminded her of him, she wanted to honor the original and call the new one an Ace Deuce!

Wherever did they find him? “We were looking on a rescue website at a different black Poodle mix, but he was rescued while we were asking questions,” said mom Lynn. “The family mentioned that they had a litter from the same father. They sent us a video of the two-week-old pups, and we picked out Ace from the start because we love his eyes and thought he looked so smart.

Obviously, it was love at first sight.

What’s not to love? Ace completed three level of training with Greg at Pet Smart, so he’s like a college graduate! “He was so easy to train and has a very large vocabulary,” says Lynn. “He welcomes guests to our home like they are rock stars and has been waiting his whole life for them to visit!”

A day in the life…He starts with his morning ritual of sitting on the patio while dad enjoys his coffee. Then, he runs to the bedroom and wakes Mom with tons of puppy kisses! His days are filled with adventure… he loves looking out the window on car rides. Hollywood Feed is his favorite place to shop, because he knows that’s where his iced cookie treats come from. He loves strolling along the bluffs in Downtown Memphis and stopping to see his daddy at MyEyeDr and Rida at The Peanut Shoppe! When he’s not busy with that, Ace can usually be found in his bed on his mom’s desk at Rick O’Leary Sales and Marketing. He makes sure everyone is working hard!

When mom and dad go away, he gets excited to stay with his Mimi and Poppie, and occasionally family or friends stay at their house with him.

Best Hair Days

Ace stays looking handsome from Aussie Pet Mobile Grooming Service

Favorite Doc

Dr. Norris McGehee at McGehee Clinic for Animals keeps his health in tip-top shape

Favorite Holiday

Such a mensch… Ace loves Hanukkah time!

“He gets so excited when we start putting out presents and always knows which stack is his. He insists on being picked up during the candle lighting and prayers and gently puts his paw on our hand while we are lighting the candles. Then he runs to the present stack to see what he gets to open!” They must be kvelling!