Author: Shoshana Cenker

Pampered Pup

The Lowell family’s fur baby, Lily, is living the good life. Parents, Ari and Shana, and kids Gavi, Ilan and Nadav, dote on her all day every day. “Her proper, full name is Liliana von Barkenshnousen,” explained Ari. “But everyone calls her, Lily, pronounced lee-lee.” So, what you need to know is that Ari jokingly (and hilariously) trash talks this sweet pup, but he’s the one who loves on her the most. In fact, they share a special bond – Ari holds Lily over his shoulder, rocking back and forth like she’s a baby, singing her songs he made...

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A Bat Mitzvah Better Late and Safe

Meredith Epstein was finally called to the Torah in September 2021 at Beth Sholom Synagogue in Memphis, Tennessee. “I wasn’t prepared for the moment I started my davening … I looked up and saw everyone, and it was an amazing feeling. I replay that moment in my head, and it makes me smile and cry at the same time,” said Meredith.

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