Malti-poo brothers Stoli (12) and Jack (10) aren’t really “spoiled,” wink-wink – just loved to pieces by mom and dad Debra and Cary Califf.

The brothers share a Maltese father and different poodle mothers from a reputable breeder that their daughter-in-law, Lindsay recommended.

So why a Matli-poo? “Honestly, we had never had a pet” said Debra. “Cary grew up with asthma and bad allergies. We thought he was always allergic to all dogs. When our son, Brian, met Lindsay, who would become his wife, she introduced us to the breed with their pups. We fell in love!”

The granddoggies stayed with Debra almost every weekday until Lindsay graduated from law school. It was time to get a pup of their own.

“We would have loved to have rescued but hated the thought of bringing a dog home that we could potentially have to had return due to allergies,” said Debra. They brought Stoli home first and Jack 18 months later.

So, what have they learned about being pup parents? “It’s their consistent love and affection – no matter what. Especially in the crazy past few months. They provide constant comfort. We cannot imagine not having them through this time.

Favorite Doc

“The doctors at Eastgate Animal Clinic are all outstanding,” agree Jack and Stoli. P.S. we especially love Dr. Rodney Balthrop.

Best Hair Days

Starbarks Mobile Groomer is amazing!

Snack Time

We really love “Nothin’ To Hide” (a rawhide alternative that’s so easy to digest) at Hollywood Feed. Mom also spoils us with a good bit of table food, and we share an egg every morning.