$125 a pair

Entwined Candle Holders
Michael Hudson’s blown glass candleholders can be displayed entwined or separate. The candle cup will hold Shabbat candles or traditional tapers.

$28 each

Garden Stakes
Add additional color to your potted plants with Karen Ohm’s fused glass garden stakes –great for inside or outside.

Martini Cups
Mariel & Alexi Hunter’s martini glasses offer a pop of wispy color. Each is hand-blown at their studio. Also, great for dessert and fruit.

$36 each

Zippered Clutches
T Clifton Art’s co-owner Pat Brown has painted a series of small zippered clutches. Each one is unique and ideal to tuck inside your purse.

4” x 7”
$38 – $48 each

T Clifton Art Memphis
2571 Broad Ave, Memphis, TN 38112