Dori and Brian Haeberle had been looking for months for the perfect furry addition to their family. But they didn’t have a very hard choice to make when it came to choosing her when they visited the ASPCA.

Emmy Lou chose us, explained Dori. “She just walked up to us, circled three times, sat in Brian’s lap and laid down. We just knew.”

Emmy Lou is Shih Tzu mix, who they named after singer Emme Lou Harris.

When traveling the family always go by car so Emmy Lou goes where they go and has never been boarded. She even gets to go to work.

Most Loved

She loves all people and knows when you don’t feel well and checks on the sick person.

Pet Peeve

She is not nice to other dogs.

Interesting Tidbit

When our daughter, Nora, was little, we would put a blanket on her and swaddle her when she was upset. One morning Nora was crying, and Emmy took the blanket and nuzzled it up on Nora, who had kicked it off, and then laid on her legs and put her face up looking concerned at Nora.


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