At times Michele and Danny Buring’s home may be overflowing with kids, grandkids and the fur babies. Sugar, aka (Sugar Bear, Shug Knight and Meshugganah) their own rescue, loves when Waffle and Chalupa Batman visit – often.

How’d they choose all of their names? “We love food!” says Michele.

The couple adopted Sugar, “because our youngest son said we had promised him a puppy,” said Michele. “We went to Hollywood Feed during a pet adoption day and fell in love with her face and personality.” They trusted the adoption people and Hollywood Feed, because of both organization’s commitment to finding forever homes with good families for the dogs.

There’s been no formal training since Sugar’s been a naturally sweet dog. “She doesn’t chew furniture, shoes or anything,” said Michele.

Most of the time Sugar is with Michele who works at home as a travel advisor for Fora Travel. (Danny won’t take her to work with him, because he does not want fur in his car.)

Occasionally, Sugar enjoys going to daycare at Wolf River Pet Resort in Germantown. When they travel, Sugar enjoys staying with Michele’s parents to play with their dog.

Sugar isn’t picky about her treats – whether they are home-made, or store bought – but she does not like green veggies!

When asked if Sugar looks like anyone in the family, Michele says, “Ha, not really! Nobody is as cute as Sugar, and she wears her black eye liner like a pro, LOL!”

Love Most

Her unconditional love and how she protects me from the evil Amazon delivery guy, who always leaves a peanut butter cracker for her on the packages. Her bark is loud, but all she wants to do is lick.

Pet Peeve

She sheds like a snowstorm when she shakes.

Interesting Tidbits

Sugar loves when Waffle and Chalupa come to visit, and she is non-confrontational. So, when Waffle eats her food/treats/plays with her toys/jumps in my lap, she just lets Waffle run the house! Waffle is a 12lb. threat to her…. Sugar is 30lbs of shyness.