Ah, the joy of a wagging tail, face licks and long walks; what could be better than having a dog?

Having two dogs, of course!

Rachel Morrison couldn’t agree more; she is proud dog mom to Rudy, a 7-year-old Yorkiepoo, which is a mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Poodle, and Izzy, an 18-month-old Pooton, a mix of Coton de Tulear and Toy Poodle. She’s had both dogs since they were each 12 weeks old. She and her husband, Anthony, found Rudy in Arkansas and Izzy in Indiana.

Rudy and Rachel are a therapy dog team with West Tennessee Therapy Dogs. Rudy loves when he gets to make his visits, especially when there are children. Pre-COVID-19, they went to many places including Juvenile Court, St. Francis, several schools and Poplar/White Station Library.

Plans are in the works to get Izzy tested so she can be in the therapy program, too… “She is very friendly and has never met a stranger; she loves all dogs and people she meets,” Rachel explains.

They are quite the talented bunch. Rudy knows several tricks including shake, high five, roll over and whisper. And Izzy is a protector of sorts… she likes to keep watch from her perch on the back of the couch (comfort is important!) where she can see the entire great room, kitchen and front door. When no one is looking, she is known to steal socks from the hampers.

Routine is key for these fur babies. A usual day is wake up, go outside, then breakfast. Izzy plays with her toys (squeaky ones are her favorite) and naps. Rudy mostly naps – busy dogs need their rest! Later, they go on a walk either in the neighborhood or at Shelby Farms, and many times get rewarded with play time at the dog park. After all the fresh air and frolicking, it’s time to wind down. They have dinner, go outside, nap and settle in for evening snuggles in front of the TV.

Dogs are such a big part of Rachel’s life that in 2018 she started her very own dog-training business called Ruff City Training. She received extensive on-the-job experience during the two years she worked at a local dog training facility and knew she wanted to branch out on her own.

“I have the honor of meeting and training many other dogs and puppies,” she says proudly. All of the lessons are done in her client’s homes or outdoors, especially during COVID-19, and most of her training focuses on basic obedience and general puppy-care issues.

It’s definitely a dog’s life for this busy family. Be sure to reach out if you need some help with your furry friend. Rudy and Izzy will be right there cheering you on! Woof!