Jewish Scene reached out to doggy dad Ben Roberts and his kids, Bethany and Sky, to share a little about their furry rescues, Oliver (the little one) and Lucy (the big one). This is what he had to say.

How did you choose each pet’s name?
Lucy sounded like it would be fun to yell. Sort of like Ricky Ricardo in I Love Lucy. “Lucy! I’m home!” Or when I find the kitchen garbage turned upside down: “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin to do!” Oliver just seemed to fit. He was little and orphaned, and just felt like an Oliver.

Where did you find your rescues?
I went to the local shelter with a friend who was looking for a dog. I had no intention of getting one of my own. Then I spied Lucy – she was the only dog who wasn’t barking at absolutely everyone who walked by. She was scared, curled up in a ball, in the back of her kennel. I couldn’t just leave her there like that.

Do you take your pet to work with you?
You mean like from the bedroom to my desk in the living room? I wouldn’t say I “take” my dogs to work, but they are definitely here with me. We have this beautiful home with plenty of bedrooms and living space, but the dogs insist on occupying whatever three-square-foot section of the home I happen to be in. They are regular fixtures on my Zoom calls.

Any interesting stories you’d like to share with Jewish Scene readers?
My dog’s love Ricki’s Challah almost as much a I do. Lucy once managed to polish off an entire buttercrust challah on her own. I think Oliver prefers the wheat challah rolls, but I haven’t been able to figure out which of them ate my last chipsticks.

Lucy loves Ricki's challah

The dogs work with Ben at home everyday and are regular fixtures on his Zoom calls