The Lowell family’s fur baby, Lily, is living the good life. Parents, Ari and Shana, and kids Gavi, Ilan and Nadav, dote on her all day every day.

“Her proper, full name is Liliana von Barkenshnousen,” explained Ari. “But everyone calls her, Lily, pronounced lee-lee.”
So, what you need to know is that Ari jokingly (and hilariously) trash talks this sweet pup, but he’s the one who loves on her the most. In fact, they share a special bond – Ari holds Lily over his shoulder, rocking back and forth like she’s a baby, singing her songs he made up to popular tunes, as Lily rests her head, drifting to dreamland.

The family got Lily awhile back from a neighbor. “My wife picked the most aggravating, bothersome creature she could find in the litter and brought it home,” joked Ari of the furry friend he absolutely adores, but sometimes in good humor refers to as the Demon Spawn from Hell. “The rest of the family refers to it as a dog.”

Ari, as does the rest of the fam, certainly likes to spoil Lily with special gifts. She gets her own pool float, plenty of treats and her own stuffed animal friends. “I like to buy her chocolate and other snacks,” Ari teased, knowing chocolate is dangerous for pups, and he’d never actually give her any, “but my wife usually confiscates these.”

Ari, always the joker, gives us the scoop on the littlest member of the family

What Ari loves most about Lily

I enjoy the moments watching her as she is curled up asleep, deceptively innocent looking and believing herself to be safe and sound, as I plot her demise.

Pet Peeve

She breathes.

Professional training

Not so much professionally trained as naturally gifted in the ways of driving humans to distraction. I believe at one point she did work with a trainer from PetSmart; however, he seemed overly taken with her seeming “cuteness” and spent all of his time playing with her. I don’t think she learned anything.