The Resident Council is moving and shaking at Plough Towers! Formed one year ago, the council elected officers, established bylaws and brainstormed new and interesting activities for Plough Towers’ residents.

Natalie Diamond wins grand prize at a recent bake sale.

A bake sale brought the community together, as the residents bonded over home-baked treats. A raffle was held that included a beautiful gift basket valued at $125.00. Natalie Diamond was the grand prizewinner!

Officers of the council include President Tom Mann, Vice President Joe Ann Biffle, Secretary Robin Snyder, Treasurer Conrad Snyder, and Sergeant At Arms Roger Messinger. The five have provided leadership and enthusiasm within their offices, holding monthly meetings for the residents. The attendance continues to grow as more people wish to become involved in the life of Plough Towers.

Residents can express concerns, give compliments, share ideas for future activities and possible fundraising ventures including a planned silent auction.

Past fundraising projects have enabled special activities for the residents and a donation to Hurricane Relief in Houston. In addition, the Council sponsored the Holiday Door Decorating contest, where all residents were encouraged to decorate their doors with seasonal, holiday décor. A great number of residents participated, creating a festive atmosphere within the building.

Residents enjoy the time together planning events. Right: Resident Board members: Conrad Snyder, Robin Snyder, Tom Mann, Joe Ann Biffle and Roger Messinger.

Several committees have been formed within the Resident Council. As a result, sick residents now receive get-well cards, and everyone gets a card on their birthday.

“The Council and its committees are a welcome addition to our Plough Towers community,” said Tom. Additionally, a council officer attends each Plough Towers event. Whether it be Bingo, Bunco, an in-house movie, or a holiday celebration, a council officer will be actively involved. “We’ve been staying very busy!” he explained.

Plans are underway to create a Meet and Greet committee to welcome new residents to Plough Towers. Just as moving to a new school is a scary experience for children, moving to a new housing community can be frightening for senior adults.

“Many residents move to the tower after the death of a spouse, the sale of their family home or a financial downturn,” said Executive Director Leigh Hendry. “Moving in with 170 total strangers can be a daunting experience.”

The sooner the new resident connects with others, the smoother the transition. Finding out that there are other knitters in the building can help to “break the ice.” By hosting these meet and greet events, the resident council is helping to build community within Plough Towers.

“The resident council was created in order for our residents to have a voice in their community,” said Tom. “I see more people becoming involved and expressing opinions about issues involving their home.”

Tom allots time at each meeting for residents to offer suggestions, ask questions, and express concerns. One recent issue involved the restrooms on the second floor outside the laundry room. These had always remained locked, but would be much more user-friendly if they could be accessible on the weekends. After resident council involvement, the restrooms are now available to all residents.

The hope of the Board of Directors, staff, and residents is that those who live at Plough Towers will feel safe, secure and emotionally fulfilled. The newly established resident council is working to ensure that concerns are being addressed, new ideas are being heard, and all residents find a place of contentment. They are well on their way to making the next 38 years as successful as the first 38 at Plough Towers.