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“Beloved,” an exhibit at Temple Israel Museum in Memphis, is also the title of a book featuring 200 photographs by Murray Riss. The title comes from the single word that appears most often on the gravestones in the cemetery. It also describes the importance of the historic location to Mid-South Jewish history.

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Abbie Strauss Rocks Life

“The need for music and the need for G-d and spirituality, I think has grown exponentially. And whether it’s through your synagogue and prayer or whether it’s just sharing hope and healing, I’ve noticed that hearts are open, people are praying with everything that they have.

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Caregiver Café at Temple Israel Brings Comfort, Hope, and Peace to Caregivers

“‘To love another as oneself’ requires us to care for ourselves as though we too are worthy of love and care,” says Rabbi Feivel Strauss, senior education Rabbi at Temple Israel and the lead clergy for Caregiver Café. “To the extent we nourish our ‘self,’ the better we can care for others. It is vital for caretakers to honor the holy work they do and to resolve together through community and friendship.”

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